My name is Jennifer Snell. I am a wife to a wonderful man and mother to four amazing children. I found doTERRA in 2011 and this company has blessed my life. When I started using essential oils, I just wanted to use them for personal use. After 6 months had passed, I realized the business opportunity and decided to jump all in! Now, I have replaced my income with doTERRA and we get to share these "gifts of the earth" with others.

Here at Jennifer Snell Consulting, it is our passion to help clients create the oath to an amazing life they so greatly deserve!

To thrive, everyone needs to blaze their own trail, full of hope, wonder and a whole lot of fun! It can be lonely trying to figure all of the pieces out on your own, but it doesn't have to be.  We want to partner with you and help you pave your own way to success!

Our Mission:

To help each individual create freedom through the financial stability of running their own business with doTERRA.

Our Vision:

We believe that you should have a life that doesn't involve worrying how you'll pay your electric or worry that your missing out on raising your children. You'll have the opportunity of freedom to provide for your family and community in a meaningful way. We want to help each person create their own path and walk each step towards success while enjoying the journey along the way.


I look forward to supporting you on this wellness journey,


Jennifer Snell

Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate

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