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doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano origanum vulgare

Commonly known to to be found in various pasta dishes, doTERRA's Oregano Essential Oil has many benificial uses beyond the kitchen.

Oregano is known to support healthy respiratoy, digestion  and immune function when taken internally and also acts as a potent clensing agent when used to clean household surfaces.

Oregano is one of doTERRA's most powerful essential oils and dilution is neccesary when applying directly to the skin due to it's powerful antioxidants.

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doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil
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I have been using doTERRA essential oils for years and these products are the only thing I've found that are gentle enough for everyone in my famlity but also powerful enough to support


My wife introduced me to doTERRA  6 years ago when I was having some respiratory problems. Because of essential oils, I no longer have to polute my body with toxic chemicals and I feel healthier than ever!


I use doTERRA essential oils daily. I love all the different sents and I love that essential oils are a natural option to assist with most health concerns. My son loves all my essential home remedies as well when hes feeling under the weather.

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